This page records all the changes I made to the website since it started

February 2024. Population of the new website is now going apace, with plenty of additions to the Observations/Solar System and the Observations/ pages.

August 2023. New 2.2m Pulsar Observatory built and new page Observatory/2.2m Pulsar added. New (active) page for iTelescope images up to date.

August 2023. Started to completely remodel the site.

September 2012. Added menu item for Deep Sky/2012-2013 Season. Added 2012/2013 season Deep Sky Image album.

July 2012. Major update. Upgraded the site to use dhtmlxSuite for resizeable frames. Added the 2011 New Mexico Skies pages. Added 2011/2012 season Deep Sky Image album. General tidy up and bringing the site up to date.

Feb 2011. Major update. New Mexico Skies pages added, along with pages for M51, M65, M66. Additions to equipment pages. New album page for 2010 -2011 season. Pivot blog deleted, new blog using google Blogger added.

March 2010. Added latest images to Deep Sky page. Deep Sky and Solar System pages now open in new window. Latest Deep Sky page now uses Chamaeleon Skin and has a slide show feature.

February 2010. Changed front page, moved previous text to Current Equipment page.

October 2009. Added LX200 Motorised Focuser page. Added some more deep sky images.

September 2009. Added latest images to Deep Sky and Solar System sections.

August 2009. Populated the Fibreglass Dome page.

June - August 2009. Site restyled again. Moved to Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 for basic web pages. Navigation pane changed to treeview style. Made more use of frames. New pages added for Fibreglass Dome addition to observatory, current equipment. New page added for Credits. New blog added.

March 2008. Added links to Evergreen Optics.

October 2007. Makeover page added. Veil Nebula image added to Deep Sky Object page.

January 2007. New images in Solar System and Deep Sky. DSLR photography additions to Equipment page. Added to Crayford Focusser page.

July 2006. Migrated to NetObjects Fusion 7. Site restyled. Added left hand frame. Projects page added.

April 2006. Updated Deep Sky Objects page with M81/M82 image.

May 2005. Updated Solar System Objects pages with Jupiter image from 10th May 2005.

Apr 2005. Updated Solar System Objects pages with Jupiter image from 21st April 2005.

Feb 2005. Updated Deep Sky Objects and Solar System Objects pages with the latest images from 15th Feb and 18th Feb 2005.

Feb 2005. Completed newest deep sky objects on Deep Sky Object page and added previous objects. Added some links to Links page.

Feb 2005. Filled out Equipment page and Observations page. Added visitor counter to Home Page. Added Solar System observations page and included newest solar system object image. Added Deep Sky Object observations page and included newest deep sky object image.

Jan 2005. Added Site History page. Added Cymbeline Observatory logo to all pages. Added logo links to UKAI, UK Astronomy Buy and Sell and QCUAIG to home page.

Jan 2005. Site irst published.