Remote Observations

This is something new for Cymbeline Observatory. I subscribed to a plan with several years ago and have been imaging on and off with some success. I've used telescopes in Spain, the USA and Australia so far.

So I'll be putting up my work with the facilities here. I have quite a variety of stuff to put up.

Images presented here are all thumbnails, click on the image to open a full size version in a new tab, click on the object name to open a link to a description in Wikipedia (if there is one).

From late August 2023 I started to use an image processing program called Siril for stacking my deep sky images as I can do the RGB stacking and compositing using one script, whereas Deep Sky Stacker makes individual R, G and B images that then have to be manually aligned using layers in Photoshop. In general from about the same time I also do some initial stretching and backgound removal with Siril before then using Photoshop CS3 for finishing off. So from January 2024, the gallery picture descriptions will no longer include any processing information unless it differs from this.

I'm adding images so that the newest is first.

Image Gallery