Cymbeline Observatory has had many incarnations...

The observatory was built to replace my old run off roof shed, which was getting towards the end of its useful life. The shed was suffering from terminal collapse due to rot in several places and had also been home for a wood mouse at some stage. The hedge at the back was getting overgrown so that needed to go too - it was originally useful to screen security lights.

So, the large garden landscaping project was started.

The new observatory was inspired by Patrick Moores' observatory and by the dome of the 3.5 metre WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory, Tuscon, Arizona, USA.

Here is a view of the new observatory (and the newly landscaped garden too). Construction of the observatory started in late August 2001 and was completed in early November 2001, it then took a further 2 months to get it completely weatherproof (the garden was completed in the summer of 2002).

A few years on and the British weather destroys the shutters.

So I replaced them with something a bit more resiliant.

The observatory eventually gets a proper fibreglass dome.

The dome was bought second hand from a fellow BAA (British Astronomical Association) member, who advertised it in the BAA Journal. Replacing the original rotating roof took a total of 2 days. I'd bought the fibreglass dome in April, but it got fitted in August - don't you just love the British weather?

This was the first time we had two dry days available to do the replacement.

It has graduated to a 2.2m Pulsar Dome. Construction (assembly) was completed at the end of August 2023, just in time for some horrible weather to set in.

In the following days, once the weatherproofness has been fully established, the new equipment will be installed.

Cloud pennance will probably need to be served!